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About us

Digitalization must be people-focused: get to know the people and values behind your digitalization …

Our values

We do not see ourselves as know-it-alls and we will not tell you how digital transformation has to be done in your company. Instead, we are convinced that it is necessary to provide you with well-founded knowledge, abilities and right mindsets – enabling to push digitalization sustainably and on your own.
Our training program is independent from specific hardware or software solutions. We do not aim at selling software or implementation projects. All content is developed by independent industry experts in a well-founded way.
We are committed to a reflected and critical handling of digital technologies. Not all promises can be kept. Not everything which can be done, should be done. We will focus on your company.
Holistic approach
Digitalization is still implemented and used by humans. That is why we are committed to a holistic perspective. Digitalization means to us: people, technology, culture, organization and strategy.

Meet the team

Dr. Philipp Ramin
CEO, Founder
Helmut Kraft
Markus Görlich
Martin Dowling
COO & Head of Digital Competence Development
Daniela Wischinksi
Project Manager
Benedikt Dirscherl
Head of Product Development
Yannick Hildebrandt
Head of i4.0 Studios
Jonas Jelinski
Digital Transformation Consultant/UX Designer
Florian Habler
Felix Wackerbauer
Creative Director i4.0 Studios
Anne Koark
HR, Marketing & PR
Erich Renz
Industry 4.0 Consultant/Senior Researcher
Laura Stiller
Digital Transformation Consultant
Moritz Demmig
Industry 4.0 Consultant
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nils Luft
Trainer and Consultant
Anston Tan
CEO Asia/Co-Founder
Jordi Roca Carles
Business Consultant Spain/South America
Oksana Vilne
Business Development Baltics
Daniel Deuring
Business Development Austria/Switzerland
Valerio Alessandroni
Business Development Italy/Trainer and Consultant