Cybersecurity training
Tailor-made or as a proven standard solution

The ability and willingness of employees and managers for security in the digital world plays a key role in defending against the increasingly frequent cyberattacks in companies.

Do you need effective training on the key aspects of cybersecurity to protect your business? Regardless of whether it is general awareness, IT security or security in production (OT security): we help with practical and, above all, effective training. On-site, online, web-based training or in combination – that's up to you! We would be happy to discuss a topic of your choice with our cybersecurity expert.

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Cybersecurity 4.0 – the online training for practice

Our e-learning Cybersecurity 4.0 – the online training for practice teaches the most important basic concepts for cyber security in Industry 4.0. This training was not only systematically developed by application professionals, but also combines a special didactic approach: animated explanatory videos, expert assessments, storytelling, and numerous knowledge tests make this training effective and entertaining. Cybersecurity 4.0 is a joint development of i40 and the heise Academy.

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Interesting live events and trainings on site

Are you planning an on-site event on the topic of cyber security? Then our Awareness Day with wow effect is sure to be something for you! Here, participants are taught the dangers of social engineering and hacker attacks in a playful and subtle way by simulating real dangerous situations. The participants then know how such attacks take place and behave more safely in everyday life.

We are also happy to design a tailor-made training for your company.

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Exciting lectures and webinars

Do you need a motivating keynote, an in-depth lecture, or a webinar on the topic of cyber security? Contact us!

Our team of experts will be happy to bring your colleagues up to date with the Small 1x1 of Data Security or teach your decision-makers the most important skills for securing production facilities and companies in one of our webinars. Thanks to many years of practical experience, we cover a comprehensive range of topics related to IT/OT security, which allows us to adapt individually to the special attack vectors and contextual factors in your company.

Posters that create awareness

Do you know this? Your head is full of work and you forget something important? Your colleagues feel the same way!

Often, employees are too busy on a day-to-day basis to think about cybersecurity. As a result, mistakes quickly happen that attackers exploit. Our individually designed awareness posters help to generate a fundamental awareness of the topic of security. They stand out and remind you of the most important rules of cybersecurity.

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Videos that create awareness

Screens are part of everyday life in production halls and companies.

Through our exciting and effective learning videos, employees and managers are made aware of current dangers. Videos show your colleagues how to behave safely. They also enable people with poor language skills to understand what is important. In this way, your security rules reach the entire organization.

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Our products are available in different languages

German, English, French, Mandarin, Swedish … With over 400,000 learners and learning content in more than 15 languages, we are a global learning solution provider for the skills of the future.

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