Practical AI training & events
Future-proof with artificial intelligence

The dynamics of digital transformation require in-depth knowledge of AI technologies to be able to develop innovative solutions and secure competitive advantages.

Our specialized training courses provide the necessary knowledge and tools to enable your team to use these technologies effectively and take the lead in innovation in your industry.

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Customized solutions for your needs

We bring AI expertise to your company

Every company has unique challenges and needs. That's why we design customized AI training courses that are precisely tailored to your area of application and strategic goals.

Whether online or on-site, our training is designed to create immediate value and enable your workforce to evaluate, implement and use AI-powered solutions.

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Training on the most important topics

Our training courses cover a wide range of current and relevant topics: e.g. Generative AI, Prompt Engineering and AI Governance.

Each course is designed to provide practical knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workplace to optimize processes and drive innovative projects forward.

As examples, an excerpt of our AI training courses:

AI basics 1.0
What is artificial intelligence and how is it "created"? What is behind a tool like ChatGPT?
Which fields of application are important?
This is where we pick up every employee at their level of knowledge.
AI basics 2.0: The logic behind AI
On to the next AI level! For some employee groups, it is valuable to understand the logic behind artificial intelligence and to be able to actively apply it. Topics such as large language models are taught in a simple and practice-oriented way in this training course.
Practical workshop on generative AI
Generative AI, transformers, diffusion models - ever heard of them? No problem. Our training shows you how generative AI works, what is important here and how generative AI can create added value in your company.
AI in product development
How can artificial intelligence be used effectively in product development - both during the development process and in the product itself?
AI in management & strategy
Without a doubt: AI is crucial for corporate development! But how do you approach this as a manager? What needs to be considered in a roadmap? We convey the essential steps to use AI as a driver of transformation.
Ethics, governance & regulation
What needs to be considered? And what applies from when? We give you a basic understanding of ethical issues, governance approaches and the latest regulations of the EU AI Act.

… or would you prefer a live event?

In addition to our training courses, we also offer exciting live events!

The motto here is: Experience AI. Hands-on experience with our experts. For all employees with lots of fun - directly on-site at your premises.

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