Using the best Learning Components

Form follows Function.

Learning Components
Learning Content

Use the right learning formats based on the application. We help you to implement scalability, fun, impact and experience in a targeted manner.

Web-Based Training and EdTech solutions

When you think of web-based training, do you immediately think of old-fashioned e-learning with poor user experience? Then it's time you got to know our WBTs. Interactive learning components, responsive layout and an eye-friendly dark mode can also be integrated into your project.

Video Seminars

Live and in best quality - With the help of our i4.0 studio we stream your learning content directly to your employees.

(Interactive) Explanation Videos

Even complex topics can be explained in a simplified way with an extra dose of fun using scribble videos. Banish boredom from your learning content!

Expert Videos

Sometimes it takes the actual expert to get a topic across. Let our experts do this job for you.

VR / AR Solutions

If you have to deal with virtual or augmented reality in your daily work, why not learn with the help of this technology? Talk to us to find out how we can implement your content in these innovative formats.

Experience Workshops

Do you want to change the mindset of your employees? Nothing helps more than an Experience Workshop to really experience the possibilities of Digitalization and Industry 4.0.