People are at the Center of Digitalization

These are the people who give i40 a face.

Dr. Philipp Ramin

CEO & Co-Founder

Helmut Kraft


Markus Görlich



Bewirb dich initiativ und werde Teil unseres Teams!

Martin Dowling

COO & Head of Digital Competence Development

Daniela Wischinski

Project Manager

Benedikt Dirscherl

Head of Product Development

Florian Habler

Head of Design & UX

Yannick Hildebrandt

Digital Competence Consultant

Anne Koark

PR & Marketing

Jonas Jelinski

Technical Training and Development Specialist & Cybersecurity Lead

Michael Mark

AR/VR Developer

Lilli Borst

Digital Competence Consultant

Marvin Müller

Digital Competence Consultant

Sophia Obermeier

Digital Competence Consultant

Fabian Zeiher

Junior Software Engineer