Customized content.
Customized design.

Imagine e-learning that meets your exact needs and is more than just a canned learning experience. Here it becomes a reality.

E-Learning. As individual as the learners.

Our individual e-learning projects offer you the opportunity to draw on all the possibilities of digital learning.​

We develop an individual learning journey for each target group. This means that content and media are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the different learners.​

Learning success is thus guaranteed.

Individual E-Learning

The development of a complete, digital learning journey - individual and from a single source.

Areas of competence

Which competencies are to be built up in which group of employees and managers? Which topics are relevant? Which learning level is necessary?


What should the digital learning journey look like? Gamification, storytelling, self-learning phases, reflection and much more. Different people need different approaches to learning.


How do you turn matter of fact, technical topics into exciting and relevant content? This is precisely the task that our content experts take on in the complete content research and preparation. Storytelling is the central tool in this process.

Use of media

Never before has digital learning been so diverse. From 2D/3D animations and interactive graphics to games and challenges. We develop a media concept that fits perfectly.

Design and CI

You would like to have an e-learning that picks up a certain design or even the CI of your company or a project? No problem, we will implement the perfect form and color design for you.


Learning success also depends on identification with the learning content. This includes language and the look & feel. In our individual e-learning, we pay attention to language usage that is common in your company, for example in technical terms and definitions.

Just give it a try.​

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But what exactly does individual mean?
Get an impression of the many possibilities. Our free demo will give you a first impression.