From learning architectures to web-based training to learn nuggets: we will develop your content – individual, scalable and well-founded, focusing on industry 4.0 and digitalization in order to successfully transform your company.

E-learning customer benefits

Why should your company use E-learning for its digital competence development and why are we the right partner for it?

Range of services for E-learning

For a targeted and organizational development and future competence development, learning content has to be closely connected to learning paths.
Development of learning concepts on all subjects around digitalization and industry 4.0, both from a professional and didactical perspective.
All content and use cases are based on scientific knowledge and individually tailored to your company in order to selectively deepen specific topics.

Development and production of each type of medium: explain videos, expert videos, interviews, webinars, interactive graphics, animations, text modules.
Development of individual learning management systems (LMS) for your company or your functional area.
Implementation with innovative technologies, e.g. HTML5-based adapt framework.

Individual solutions referring to new technologies for the optimization of work processes.
Realistic 3D representation of processes to gain and train skills.
Depiction of interactive learning content and further information on real objects.

Are you interested in the topic? Why don’t you experience right away what it means to use modern e-learning to learn about Industry 4.0 and digitalization.

Topic list

Industry 4.0 and the digital enterprise
Technologies behind the digital transformation
Organization, people, staff and culture
Strategies and business models of digitalization
Digital transformation of sales, marketing and purchase department
Digital transformation of the financial sector