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eLearing Award 2022 – Project of the year
i40 – the future skills company


Future skills need to be built up individually in order to be fit for the future - motivating, well-founded and fun to learn. This is guaranteed by our award-winning e-learnings, WBTs and training courses on digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and digital competence.

Future Skills.

Individually developed.

With over 450,000 learners, more than 50 subject areas and learning content in 14 languages, i40 – the future skills company is the leading international future skills and learning solutions provider for digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

We develop target group-specific WBTs, holistic training curricula, learning strategies for lifelong learning, AR/VR solutions, e-learning and complete digital online learning systems for all employee groups and executives.

Future-proof with artificial intelligence

Make artificial intelligence (AI) the driving force behind your business strategies. Our training courses and events cover a broad spectrum - from prompt engineering and generative AI to the use of AI-based tools and customized training for employee groups and managers. You will learn how to use future-relevant technologies in a targeted and effective way. Choose flexibly between online formats and on-site workshops, always practice-oriented and tailored to your needs.

AI is the key to new competitive advantages.
We make your employees and managers fit for the future!

Cybersecurity 4.0
Das Onlinetraining für die Praxis

Die wichtigsten Probleme der Cybersicherheit in der Industrie 4.0 für Fortgeschrittene und Einsteiger – mit 26 Videos und über zweieinhalb Lernstunden.

Cybersecurity 4.0 von i40 für heise Academy

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Award-winning continuing education

Discover the future of learning so that employees, managers and leaders are fit for the future.

Individual E-LEARNING

Do you want perfectly customized e-learning for your company for maximum identification and learning success? Then our individual e-learning solutions are the right way to build your future skills.


Our i40 Masterclasses are proven online training courses that you can start at any time. With in-depth content, without effort.


What skills does your company need to support digital strategies? What do future learning paths look like and how should learning take place in the future? We advise you strategically to operationally on all questions.


Are you looking for captivating explainer videos? We create individual 2D and 3D animated films as well as expert videos individually for your requirements. This turns learning into edutainment.


You want to use learning content, but don't want to worry about the technical side? No problem: with our i40 Learning Cloud we offer a simple LMS - easily accessible via your browser.

Our e-learning
tailored to your needs​.

What makes learning successful? When learners can identify with the content. When content is fun. When content is tailored to the practical environment. In short: when everything comes from a single source. This is exactly what we offer with our individual
e-learning developments.

Together, we develop the right concept for didactics, content, language and media use - of course, exactly in the CI you want.​

What we are proud of.

Want to see a sample?

Let the winners of the German E-Learning Award 2022 Project of the Year convince you. Our free demo shows you what the future of digital learning could look like.

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