Under Pressure

CEO Philipp Ramin about the hurdles of digitalization in the finance industries in ATD's TD magazine

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
1 minute

The finance industry, more so than others, is competing against automation, requiring workers to gain digital skills.

The world is moving forward at a fast pace. This may not sound like big news, because change has always been part of life. But taking today's frequency and magnitude of uncertainty due to digital transformation into account, it becomes further apparent that the impact of this ongoing shift is much more than just a conventional cycle of economic change. In particular, many employees and managers in financial companies feel overwhelmed by the continual fast-paced developments under the umbrella of digitalization—always on, always available, information everywhere, and processes never stop evolving. The result: skepticism and fear of what awaits us in the future. The good news is that building up and expanding digital competence company-wide makes traditional companies more prepared for the ongoing digital transformation.

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