eLearning 3D Druck Grafik Pressemeldung

New Additive Manufacturing Masterclass- get a head start by innovating - Secure your future with 3D printing

Thursday, February 8, 2024
3 minutes

Companies are increasingly recognizing that industrial 3D printing - additive manufacturing - offers, among other things, a cost-effective way to produce complex components and can shorten time-to-market, accelerating the innovation cycle. The transition from physical to digital spare parts is leading to new business models in which, for example, the digital twin forms the basis for the digital warehouse. This results in benefits such as faster availability of parts, better prices, alternative sources of supply in the event of shortages, reduction of customs duties, lower transport costs and much more. The first innovative companies are already using the advantages of additive manufacturing for their digitalization strategy.

This masterclass, led by renowned 3D printing expert Ralf Anderhofstadt, offers participants the opportunity to learn the basics of 3D printing and identify suitable applications for their company. Through a structured process, participants will be able to develop products that eliminate bottlenecks and drastically streamline process steps.

Ralf Anderhofstadt, an expert in the field of industrial 3D printing, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the masterclass. As Head of the Center of Competence Additive Manufacturing and the "Additive Manufacturing Solutions AMS - Daimler Truck" consulting unit at Daimler Truck AG, he has made a significant contribution to the introduction of industrial 3D printing in various processes. In August 2022, his book "Disruptiver 3D-Druck“ was published by Hanser Publishing. Hanser published the English version “Disruptive 3D-Printing” just one year later. Ralf is also active as a lecturer and trainer in various educational and training institutions to demonstrate the great potential of industrial 3D printing for the many other industries besides the automotive sector.

Participants in the masterclass receive an exciting and intuitively designed e-learning course with five learning modules and additional materials for quick implementation. They also gain access to a tried-and-tested process that will help them optimize their 3D printing strategy and achieve their goals effectively.

"At a time when companies are facing uncertainty and rising costs, this masterclass offers a way to reduce uncertainty and costs while delighting customers. By using the various 3D printing technologies, companies can not only revolutionize their product development, but also make their production more efficient and flexible. In order to benefit from these future-proof advantages, it is of great importance that stakeholders along the entire value chain of a company have sufficient practice-orientated, varied and easily accessible training opportunities in the field of industrial 3D printing at their disposal. With this masterclass by tried-and-tested expert Ralf Anderhofstadt, we hope not only to close this training gap, but also to support companies in using the various additive manufacturing technologies more quickly and profitably," explains Dr Philipp V. Ramin, CEO of the three-time winner of the renowned eLearning Award, i40 - the future skills company.

"Imagine you could produce parts yourself - exactly when and where you need them. Without long delivery times, without high storage and shipping costs and without the hassle of customs formalities. 3D printing makes it possible! The first step is to find a suitable product in your portfolio that eliminates your biggest current bottleneck. The aim of this masterclass is to enable employees and managers to take full advantage of 3D printing to optimize their processes and reduce costs," explains Ralf Anderhofstadt. "My online course guides participants through a structured process. At the end of it, the basics of 3D printing are clear and understandable, so that process steps can be drastically reduced. With our masterclass, participants can get to know industrial 3D printing in all its facets in a practical way to save up to 70 per cent of time and costs as a company, deliver what customers want and at the same time strengthen their competitiveness and thus their own future."

Interested participants and companies now have the opportunity to benefit from this expert knowledge and secure their future through innovation.

The Industrial 3D Printing Masterclass offers a pioneering approach to help companies achieve their goals and position themselves successfully in the market and can be purchased as an individual course or for companies on attractive licensing terms.

Further information on the Industrial 3D Printing Masterclass is available from i40-the future skills company:https://www.i40.de/courses/additive-manufacturing