i40 Event Lithuania

Fourth international industry 4.0 conference in Lithuania on March 20th 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019
1 minute

Making Industry 4.0 Real

The German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce AHK, the Lithuanian engineering industries association LINPRA and the Information and Communication Technologies Association INFOBALT will host the 4th international Industry 4.0 Conference under the motto Making Industry 4.0 real. Aiming to meet the industry’s need to deepen and share the best business practices and experiences related to transformation, the conference will mostly focus on the practical side. Most of the presentations will introduce real examples from companies’ activities and business solutions: what challenges and transformations they faced, how much investments they needed, and what returns are already gained or expected in the future by those, who adapt and keep pace with the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The conference will also offer insights of the European leaders in this field, such as Germany, and will host experts from German, Latvian and Estonian public sectors, government representatives and industry.

The German Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 will be joining as supporter and sponsor - looking forward to a great conference!

More Information: https://industrie40.lt