Benedikt und Franz Fischauge

Cybersecurity: Alice through the Webcam

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
1 minute

This week the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) released its latest report on the situation regarding IT-Security in Germany.

Dr. Gerhard Schabhüser, Vice President of the BSI found that "The threat situation in cyberspace is tense, dynamic and diverse, and thus higher than ever. We must not let up one iota on the subject of cybersecurity"

And yet in many companies, cyber security training is still very compliance-driven and often does not belong to the most exciting trainings that are to be had within companies.

Time to protect companies by making cyber security more exciting, with new level events and new concepts. We are currently producing a number of new web-based trainings and carrying out cybersecurity roadshows through different branches of companies with wow events and speeches.

Thanks to our very own cybersecurity expert Jonas Jelinski and in the picture our “webcam cybercriminals“ Benedikt Dirscherl and Franz Mühlöder.

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Read the report here: