Learnings from e-commerce – the PostNord Sweden reports and more

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 33

with Soledad Gonzalez

Our guest in this episode of #digikompetenzpodcast is Soledad Gonzalez. Soledad is an eCommerce Analyst and Project Manager for E-barometern at PostNord Sweden.

Not lastly because of the Covid pandemic, e-commerce is growing rapidly all over the world. In this truly international look at ecommerce and learning, Soledad gives us eye-opening insights from her research and E-barometern reports regarding the developments in ecommerce and what this means for the future of learning and the management of ecommerce all over the world. She also gives us a fascinating look at her personal recipe for learning effectively - through the eyes of someone who has lived, studied and worked in 5 countries.

From the latest ecommerce trends, learning from startups and learning by attitude via knowledge contribution to build something together, startups moving customer expectation, live-streaming and live-shopping right up to the circular economy and consumer-to-consumer and peer-to-peer sales. One thing is for sure: if you want to understand ecommerce and future needs, you need to be extremely curious. And Soledad is very curious – following ecommerce trends for a postal company that has been in existence since 1636.

What does swimming with turtles and hiking have to do with transformation, why is being the eldest of five children and of 54 cousins, speaking five languages and knowing libraries inside-out in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Italy and Sweden good preparation for trendspotting and future learning and how did Soledad get from a small village in Argentina to conducting ecommerce Analysis in Sweden? 😊 – listen in!

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