Stay future-relevant the LEGO way – Futurify yourself

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 23

with Johannes Hyldegaard Lystbæk and David Tøttrup

Our guests in this episode of #digikompetenzpodcast are Johannes Hyldegaard Lystbæk, Manager, Talent Leadership & Organization Development and David Tøttrup Director, Talent Leadership & Organization Development at LEGO.

One of the many challenges in digital transformation is using the right terminology to describe a process that isn’t just about new technologies and technical skills- like programming and coding- but is a transformation journey where you need to be brave, be curious and be focused. In this totally refreshing conversation, Johannes and David take us into their world at LEGO and give us deep insights into the multi-level philosophy behind the LEGO Group Transformation Journey “Futurify”. Suffice to say that LEGO’s learning DNA is inspired by those who learn the fastest. The role models are children.

From the leadership playground, engineering as a core skill in interdisciplinary teams and product managers sitting on all levels of the organization, via the three Cs for transformation learning, creating the conditions, the context, and the content through to curiosity as super skill and empowering people for self-driven navigation in the jungle of things to learn. One thing is for sure the transformation from predictable blueprints and roadmaps for the future to the freedom to find out what is the best solution for dealing with the respective challenge is much more fascinating than frequently assumed.

BTW: Who has an obsession for power tools and camera gear, who had a Peregrine falcon, who built his own Porsche 911 convertible, who is a self-taught woodwork fan and when is a learning gap a good thing? 😊 – tune in!

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