Unlocking New Value: Navigating Change and Future-Proofing for Success

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 106

with Jason Feifer

Our guest in this episode is Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur magazine in the US, a nonstop optimism machine and a widely recognized authority on business, how people navigate change and how PR really works. He's the author of the bestselling book "Build for Tomorrow: An Action Plan for Embracing Change, Adapting Fast, and Future-Proofing Your Career", a start-up advisor and hosts of the podcasts, "Help Wanted" and "Problem Solvers". LinkedIn named him a “Top Voice in Entrepreneurship”. Jason has had a decades-long career in US national media, working as an editor at Men’s Health, Fast Company, Maxim, and Boston magazine, and writing about business and technology for the Washington Post, Slate, New York magazine before working for Entrepreneur Magazine where he has interviewed successful entrepreneurs and business people from all walks of life.

„When you see technology changing the way that you operate, instead of being worried about what loss that could create, you should ask yourself – Is the thing that you're doing right now, that you're worried will change because of technology, is that perfect? Because if it's not, then pushing against change is protecting an imperfect system at the expense of creating something better. I would rather ask the question, what new value can I unlock?“

What makes a good entrepreneur? We currently talk a lot about the fast-paced world, but change has always existed. Entrepreneurs, like everyone else, need to embrace change if they want to be successful and instead of panicking, see the potential behind it. But what challenges does an entrepreneur face? In this truly fascinating, conversation with Jason Feifer, he gives deep insights into the world of US start-up founders, what makes entrepreneurship really fascinating, behind new technologies and social media, dealing with change and what the business of tomorrow looks like.

From how much talent entrepreneurship really requires, to technology and its potential to unlock value in unexpected ways, why entrepreneurs are lifelong learners, and why knowing what you don’t know is as important as ongoing learning. One thing is for sure, being an entrepreneur is not about being the best in your field. It is about understanding that the thing you're taking on is challenging, knowing that your original ideas won`t all work out, adapting to change and learning quickly on the go. There's talent and there's skill and then there's the talent and skill of developing talent and skill. And those who succeed in business often need both.

BTW: What are the parallels between having no smell and entrepreneurship? 😊 – tune in!

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