Blockchain – the Internet of Value for the People from the People

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 37

with Binh Nguyen Thanh

Our guest in this episode of is Dr. Binh Nguyen Thanh, Senior Program Manager Blockchain Enabled Business and Fintech-Crypto Hub Coordinator at RMIT University Vietnam.

With the Internet we have created a whole new digital economy, the biggest companies in human history based on that idea. Blockchain takes this idea further. In this riveting episode, Binh gives us fascinating insights into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Blockchain includes 3 paradigm shifts: data as assets, owning data assets without intermediaries, and wrapping software around these assets. With these three paradigms shifts alone the technology for the people from the people is already challenging macroeconomics and revolutionizing the world of FinTech and Big Tech.

From the necessity for regulators and policymakers worldwide to work in tandem, via moving property rights to the Blockchain, and empowerment to the scenarios of business directly with machines and social media running on the Blockchain. One thing is for sure: every CEO and business leader needs to have knowledge of and update their knowledge on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, to be able to master the new business opportunities that Blockchain – the Internet of Value will bring with it.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto really as a person, who owns the rights to Bitcoin, what does meditating have to do with digital competence and where to look for career opportunities? 😊 – listen in!

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