“AI” – a force to be reckoned with

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 72

mit Vivienne Ming

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Vivienne Ming, a US-neuroscientist, technologist, artificial intelligence specialist, author and serial entrepreneur, who Forbes Magazine described as “A Force In AI Unlike Any We Have Seen Before: My conversation with one of the most influential, inspirational and brilliant minds of our times” in its 10-part series on inspirational women leaders in AI shaping the 21st century, who was named one of the BBC’s Top 100 women and who describes herself as a “mad scientist”. Vivienne builds machine learning to study the brain and studies the brain to come up with better machine learning.

Vivienne Ming’s research and inventions are frequently featured in The Financial Times, The Atlantic, Quartz Magazine and the New York Times. Vivienne advises world leaders on global policy and leading companies and organizations and the photo that Vivienne took of Barack Obama during her visit to the White House explaining her AI program for diabetics is reportedly the only portrait of the President of the United States of America taken with Google Glass.

„People talk about artificial general intelligence, but even one of the most sophisticated systems in the world – GPT-4, just as the current gold standard, it understands nothing about what it's talking about. It's not lying to us when it gets it back wrong. It has no concept of lying. It has no concepts whatsoever. It is quite literally the world's most sophisticated autocomplete. And what is amazing is how powerful that is.“

In this truly fascinating, inspiring and humorous conversation with Vivienne Ming, Vivienne gives us deep insights into where she thinks artificial intelligence is going, how she sees Chat-GPT, what this means for future skills, society and humans in general, what she is currently working on and what Barack Obama thought of this “mad scientist” when he met her.

From the power of ChatGPT as the world’s most sophisticated autocomplete via enabling people to be in a position in 30 years to be able to figure out for themselves which skills they need to learn next, to the tipping point in human innovation with exponential increases in information and the importance of creativity and resilience. One thing is for sure, Vivienne has a lot of the right questions we should be asking ourselves with respect to artificial intelligence, society and technology, how we can utilize AI to leverage human potential and what science actually is and quite a lot of the right answers too.

BTW: What does a mad scientist actually do and why might the White House have had to rethink security policies after her visit? 😊 – tune in!

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