Finding the silver lining: The role of philanthropy in transforming the future

DigiKompetenz Podcast Episode 122

mit Liza McFadden

Our guest in this episode is Liza McFadden, former president of the Barbara Bush Foundation, current leader of LIZA and Partners LLC and Director at Stride Learning. Under her leadership, the Barbara Bush Foundation leveraged the power of competition to bridge gaps in literacy, empowering communities worldwide. Liza also served on the National Institute for Literacy Board under President George W. Bush's administration. She spearheaded initiatives like the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, attracting global attention and participation to develop literacy apps benefiting millions worldwide and transforming the lives of low-literate adults. Liza’s contributions to societal wellbeing, especially those during the pandemic, earned her recognition as one of the "25 Women You Need to Know" in her hometown and numerous state and national awards in the US.

“Do I think that it's probably one of the most needed skills of the future, being able to deal with change and smile under adversity? Absolutely.”

Philanthropy can serve as a catalyst to inspire and motivate people to take action in addressing social inequalities and finding ways and solutions to make significant skills like literacy available to everyone. In this inspiring and stimulating conversation Liza gives us insight into her work as philanthropist and as an advocate for literacy while giving perspectives on how AI holds potential in optimizing the individual learning culture, on what role digital transformation plays here and what role philanthropy can have in transforming learning and our future.

From the ways a bibliophile utilizes and is inspired by her own passion for reading and literature to help others overcome barriers connected to literal proficiency, to breaking down complex scenarios by implementing long term growth strategies, via learning to deal with adversity as one of the most important future skills, right through to the driving force that true philanthropy can be in the transformation process if put to good use. One thing is for sure – We need to embrace change, even if it presents itself in difficult and overwhelming situations. Without change there is no growth and without growth there is no future.

What do scallops and philanthropy have in common and how can hundreds of bright blue eyes affect the transformation of the learning culture? 🙂 – tune in!

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