Focus Trainings

Looking deeper.

Have you already gained general experience in the field of industry 4.0? Are you searching for special knowledge about specific sections? Our focus trainings will be the perfect approach for you.
We are offering compact and in-depth trainings and courses about important topics with a duration of one or two days.
Our focus trainings are especially suitable for trainings in specific departments of your company.

We are offering following focus trainings at the moment. All trainings are offered both as open trainings and as individual in-house workshops in your company:

Industry 4.0 for medium-sized companies

Basics, examples and approaches for implementation – a way for small and medium-sized companies to make industry 4.0 possible.


Industry 4.0 from a strategic perspective

Business models, platforms and changes in the industry. How does industry 4.0 influence future company strategies?


Employment and HR 4.0

Challenges and approaches for HR departments, managers and workers’ councils.


Change management for implementing of industry 4.0

Systematic approaches, cultural change and project management.


The data-driven company

How big data, data mining and analytics change a company.


Industry 4.0 and production

Data-driven production, small batches, flexibility and new business models with the help of additive methods.


FR&D and digital engineering

Digital twin, data consistency, simulation and collaboration platforms. The reason why industry 4.0 should start with R&D.


Digital marketing and digital sales

How do marketing and sales processes change through digitalisation? Inbound marketing, digital platforms and data-driven acquisition.


Autonomous systems and artificial intelligence for companies

What is already doable with help of data analytics, smart algorithms and machine learning?

i4.0 Perspektive: Big Data
i4.0 Perspective: Big Data
Big Data – a typical buzzword frequently used by consultants, keynote speakers and persuaders within the digital revolution industry.

Honestly speaking: what is the use of all those well-meaning concepts keeping in mind that employees and managers still do not know the real meaning behind them and are not able to practically implement them?

Dear readers, please do us a favor and randomly ask your colleagues about the meaning of Big Data and how to implement it. Kindly let us know about the outcome of this experiment. 

The German innovation centre for industry 4.0 seeks pragmatic and structural approaches to address all topics relating to industry 4.0 in a practical and profound way. The concept of industry 4.0 requires systematic understanding.