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3 different training opportunities

Digitalisation and industry 4.0 driver licence

Leading international training program for digitalisation and industry 4.0. Future industry 4.0 experts are educated systematically and comprehensively with more than 25 thematic blocks, addressing both technological and structural/organisational topics. Our training programme is offered in 25 countries and is feasible in different languages. More than 3000 participants have already attended our courses and successfully completed our driver licence.

Focused trainings for specific topics

Have you already acquired experience in the field of industry 4.0 and do you only want to gather knowledge about specific sections? Our focused trainings are the right approach because there we offer compact and thorough methods which are especially suited for trainings in specific departments.


Searching for methodological support for your projects in the field of industry 4.0 and digitalisation? Our coaching solution provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience for managers, executives, project leaders and employees.

Before implementing something, you have to understand it. This is our philosophy.

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation is more than just the terms sensor technology cloud computing and also more than mountains of data and digital twins. Companies and industries are influenced by industry 4.0 in a holistic way, which makes it necessary to generate systematic and cross-functional understanding. Current studies still reveal that there is no systematical knowledge about industry 4.0 within the companies’ management and employees.

We believe that systematical qualification is the basis for industry 4.0 projects and digital transformation processes. The German innovation centre for industry 4.0 is offering trainings for all aspects of industry 4.0 and digitalisation.

Following quality promises are ensured for all our trainings

Autonomy of training content

Our services are neutral and offered without any own software, hardware or supplier contracts


Digitalisation stands for seeing the bigger picture. This is also reflected in our trainings because both technical and non-technical oriented occupational groups can join them.

Topicality and profoundness

Content of all trainings are solely in line with current research and practice. Basis is always: Scientific findings and practical relevance.


Our trainings are created according to following principle: By practitioners, for practitioners. We guarantee that you will be able to understand and implement digitalisation and industry 4.0 after attending our trainings.