German Innovation Center i4.0 and 361 Extended Reality announce a cooperation with a unique Virtual Reality Matrix Learning Product

Knowledge Transfer Digitalization throughout all Company Levels: The Basis for Easier Digital Transformation:

  • Digitalization is picking up speed both nationally and internationally. Companies should not lag behind this development
  • Corporations and companies in general must create a mutual basis knowledge in digitalization for all employees to build on, so that they can learn faster and more effectively and be taken more easily on the journey into the future
  • New employees must immediately start with the same digital basic knowledge
  • Learning must be possible without distraction „anytime, anywhere“
  • Learning experiences must be more sustainable, more contemporary and more effective
  • Employees must be able to learn everywhere with increased concentration
  • Learning has become an important part of good employer branding
  • I40 / 361 xr new “Virtual Reality Learning Product for Digital Competence” will be shown for the first time at the Learntec trade fair in Karlsruhe, Germany from 29th to 31st January, 2019

Regensburg/Munich, Germany | January 2019 | Digital transformation is picking up speed. “The concrete implementation of projects is being made more difficult in many companies due to the lack of comprehensive digital competence and the missing basic understanding of the terms used and their effect on different areas and on required future skills. Only with knowledge is it possible to remove skepticism and gain the support of employees in the digitalization process” thus Dr. Philipp Ramin, CEO of the worldwide training company for digitalization competency, the Innovation Center Industry 4.0 ( “The fast-paced advancement of technological developments requires a contemporary and at the same time updateable learning experience, that on the one hand follows sound didactic principles and on the other hand is suitable for all age-groups and levels within today’s companies and corporations. Employees must have fun with lifelong learning”, Jonathan Sierck, CEO of the company for learning with virtual reality 361 Extended Reality ( adds.

Current reports and studies, such as “The Future of Jobs Report 2018” from the World Economic Forum underline that the existing workforce should be prepared for coming developments by 2022 and that everyone in addition to their work will have to invest 101 days by 2022 in own further development. To support HR with this process, to create a basis for companies to advance with in-depth training and development programs for enhancing digital competence, to give employees a possibility of learning everywhere with increased concentration and without distraction and to create a learning product that is equally attractive for long-term employees and millennials, i40 and 361xr have developed their Virtual Reality Digital Competence Learning Product in cooperation. Virtual Reality Digital Competence Learning unites the insights and findings from many years of international presence trainings and e-learnings on the part of i40 with the years of research by 361xr into how the effectiveness and sustainability of learning can be increased with the help of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Studies show that, with virtual reality and its heightened concentration, learning is faster and more effective. Learning in the matrix thus really does give further training a new dimension.

The i40 and 361xr Virtual Reality Digital Competence Learning Product will be presented for the first time from January 29th, 2019 to January 31st, 2019 at Booth J_38.1, Hall 2 at the Learntec trade fair in Karlsruhe.