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Think tank for future trends, digital technologies and innovative product concepts
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Digital transformation is changing technologies, products and even entire markets.

Day-to-day operations often hinder us to think about new trends and concepts and to implement them consistently.
Pressure exerted by existing organisations and cost structures leaves no room for innovation and creativity.
In order to find new ways for products and services, opportunities for experimentations and creative ideas are needed besides knowledge and experience.

Therefore we launched i4.0 Labs – an open think tank to find inspiration, to experiment and to develop ideas for digital innovation. With innovational and creative methods we will support companies and organisations to detect new trends and to find ideas.
As interdisciplinary team we work together with our network partners from both research and practice fields in order to find innovative and pragmatical solutions which can be implemented easily. The foundation for this is created by market and customer surveys conducted by ourselves.

i4.0 Labs’ range of services:


Trend alert: Searching for new trends and developments

Creative workshops and brainstorming for your new digital products and services

Design thinking workshops on problem-solving and brainstorming

Crowd-sourcing campaigns

Open innovation platforms

Technological surveys for digital applications

Development of prototypes (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Software)