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Digital Ecosystems/Understanding and analysing competitive positions

21 March 2018, 10 AM

Winners of digitalisation are not the best products but the strongest ecosystems. 

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation are often only perceived as technological concepts which aim at incremental increase in efficiency and reduction in costs. Though, many companies underestimate the enormous market impact of innovative business models and their integration into superior digital ecosystems.

Network effects, digital services and collaborative approaches can lead to drastic shifts within competitive landscapes which will be very challenging especially for well-established companies. 

Dr. Philipp Ramin will emphasise the growing importance of innovative business models and digital ecosystems in our March Webinar. We will give you some inspiration for your own digital transformation process!
Industry 4.0 and Change Management

13 February 2018, 10 AM

We have been accompanying many enterprises on their individual path to industry 4.0 for three years now.
What have we learned so far? In essence, digitalization is a process of change which develops over a number of years and which influences the entire company. It also relates to the company’s culture and workforce’s acceptance. Keywords are qualification, flat hierarchies and agile project structures. The overall process of implementation will be much more significant than technological questions.

We will provide some first impressions for change management 4.0 and also an inspiration for your company. Join our webinar!