Digital Process Improvement

Process analysis and optimisation

Innovative industry 4.0 solutions provide numerous opportunities to improve processes and allow companies to save costs, increase productivity and thus gain competitive advantage.

Based on our knowledge of state of the art technologies and best practices, we will, together with you, develop approaches to optimise your processes, so that your company can profit as much as possible from the arising industry 4.0 opportunities. For this we will firstly analyze your existing processes along the value chain, horizontally – from purchasing to sales – as well as vertically – from primary activities to supporting activities, using proven tools such as Business Process Modelling. Secondly, we will uncover opportunities for improvement and based on these will develop specific action and implementation recommendations. Due to our comprehensive network of suppliers, technology suppliers and leading experts we can provide you with a solution that provides the best possible return on investment.

i4.0 Perspective: Change Management 4.0
i4.0 Perspective: Change Management 4.0
We have been accompanying many enterprises on their individual path to industry 4.0 for three years now.

What have we learned so far? In essence, digitalisation is a process of change which develops over a number of years and which influences the entire company. It also relates to the company’s culture and workforce’s acceptance. Keywords are qualification, flat hierarchies and agile project structures. The overall process of implementation will be much more significant than technological questions.

We will provide some first impressions for change management 4.0 and also an inspiration for your company. Get our perspective on change management.