Change Management

The basis of industry 4.0 and digitalisation: successful change management

The transition to industry 4.0 includes changes for employees and organisations - that is also why this process will not be successful without change management. Defining a vision, strategy and goal for industry 4.0 projects, setting up a change project plan as well as employee involvement are central factors for effective change management. Accomplishing changes will be very difficult without a company culture that supports those changes.
How we could help

Together with our customers we analyse their company culture and employee involvement, we develop a change roadmap with realistic, measurable goals and we assist you with implementing your digital transformation processes.

Procedure of industry 4.0 transformation: i4.0 Change Steps

i4.0 Perspective: Change Management 4.0
i4.0 Perspective: Change Management 4.0
We have been accompanying many enterprises on their individual path to industry 4.0 for three years now.

What have we learned so far? In essence, digitalisation is a process of change which develops over a number of years and which influences the entire company. It also relates to the company’s culture and workforce’s acceptance. Keywords are qualification, flat hierarchies and agile project structures. The overall process of implementation will be much more significant than technological questions.

We will provide some first impressions for change management 4.0 and also an inspiration for your company. Get our perspective on change management.

Range of services for industry 4.0 change management:

Support for the development of a industry 4.0 executive team

Formation of an interdisciplinary and cross-hierarchical executive team with employees of all areas
  • IT: for an overview about existing systems
  • HR management: for an overview about employee structure and employee skills
  • Production: Assessment of a solution’s meaningfulness

2. Specifying an industry 4.0 vision and strategy

  • Vision: company should become a smart factory with largely automated production, stronger connection with value chain partners and customers, as well as development of industry 4.0 products
  • Strategy: step-by-step introduction of industry 4.0 solutions: effectively shaping production with help of industry 4.0 solutions, increasing networking with customers and partners to achieve an effective flow of materials and information and development of intelligent products

3. Preparation of supportive measures for transformation projects

  • Introduction of Wikis
  • Visiting learning factories
  • Performance of specific workshops and further training sessions
  • Introduction of online learning platform

4. Specifying goals and feedback opportunities

Goal: Acceptance of change within a new industry 4.0 environment
  • Industry 4.0 communication: Using employee magazines, visualisation, intranet, consultancy
  • Industry 4.0 qualification: education and training for IT security, handling of specific IT systems, process know how and organisation, data security, e-Commerce, online marketing, customer relations management
  • Industry 4.0 motivation: employee involvement in transformation processes, personal career development
  • Industry 4.0 organisation: use of appropriate promoters, who drive change processes and who assist employees with implementing changes/establishing new departments/introducing information and discussion systems/introducing flexible teams

5. Implementation support and monitoring of goals

  • employees on site or extern analysis to ensure a sustainable transformation process
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